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Spark Plug - 14mm Thread - .708 in Reach - Heat Range 4 - 4 Pack

U-Groove designed for spark delivery

ACCEL Performance
Supplier : ACCEL Performance
Part Number : 0524-4
Barcode : 743047113141
ERP Code : ACC-0578

ACCEL performance spark plugs produce a larger spark for more power at high RPMs. Improves throttle response and fuel economy, less fouling. Purified Alumina insulator prevents arcing. Machine rolled threads protect heads. Spark Plug, 14mm, .708 in. Reach, 4-Pack. Designed for spark delivery. Copper core utilized for maximum spark.

Official ACCEL Performance Distributor
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ACCEL spark plugs are engineered to create a considerably hotter spark that lets the flame expand more rapidly in the combustion chamber and creates a more complete and efficient burn of the air/fuel mixture. They build significantly more power at high rpm, reduce fouling and misfire, minimize flame dissipation, and give you instant throttle response and noticeably better fuel economy. Redesigned to reflect advancements in cylinder head and fuel management technology, these copper-core plugs with conventional ground electrodes also provide increased thermal conductivity and come with machine-rolled 14mm threads to protect your cylinder heads.

  • Considerably hotter spark creates a more efficient burn of the air fuel mixture in the combustion chamber.
  • Significantly more power at high RPM with less fouling misfire and flame dissipation.
  • Redesigned to reflect advancements in cylinder head and fuel management technology.
  • Instant throttle response and noticeably better fuel economy.
  • Machine rolled 14MM threads protect your cylinder heads.


ACCEL has improved the ignitability of the spark plug in a new design! ACCEL has always utilized unique electrode grounding designs to improve combustion and create a larger spark.

  • Allows spark to expand directly above the midpoint of the electrode core preventing the spark from being shrouded by the ground strap.
  • Gives the flame an unblocked area to grow creates a larger flame front for a more complete burn.
  • Reduces excess heat absorption of the electrode and ground strap, also known as the “quenching effect”, which leads to misfiring, rough idle and overall poor performance.
  • Produces a larger spark nucleus without having to increase the spark gap.
  • Creates a more complete burn of the air fuel mixture resulting in Increased performance, improved throttle response, greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
Accel Spark Plugs
Accel Spark Plugs

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