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ACCEL Performance Group is a leading supplier of aftermarket performance automotive components under the ACCEL, Mr. Gasket, Mallory Ignition, Lakewood, QuickTime and Hays brands. Our ACCEL brand, with Lakewood, Hays and QuickTime provide value and innovation within the performance ignition and fuel system categories, with bold appeal to the sportsman and end-consumer. Mr. Gasket along with Mallory Ignition, through their deep heritage, ensure car enthusiasts, from drivers to hobbyists to builders, experience their automotive passion.

ACCEL specializes in performance ignition coils, CD boxes, spark plugs, wires, fuel injectors, filters and pumps. Mr. Gasket is the trusted name synonymous with engine sealing products and appearance accessories. Lakewood and QuickTime manufacture the worlds best and most complete line of bellhousings and suspension products. Hays is a legendary clutch, flywheel and flexplate brand for both street cars and race applications. Mallory Ignition has engineered the most reliable ignition products for the proud generations of American muscle cars and street rods and continues with innovative products like our Max-Fire distributor.

Your desire for speed and power is answered in just five simple letters, ACCEL.

ACCEL has been the leader in performance fuel and ignition systems for over four decades and we’re not slowing down. In fact, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Over time, ACCEL has proven it can handle racing circuits and drag strips around the world, not to mention what you drive on the street every day. The goal has always been to lead the market with innovative new products designed to push the power, speed, and performance as quickly as automotive technology advances.

The team here at ACCEL is part of your pit crew. We’re dedicated to research, engineering and testing results in fuel and ignition products. This enables you to reach peak performance through the management of fuel mixture, ignition timing and spark delivery. It drives us in every way and everywhere. From race tracks around the world to our own electronics lab in Cleveland, Ohio, we want to give you the confidence of a top name racer when you get behind the wheel.

The ACCEL product line offers a wide range of performance products including digital fuel injection systems, fuel injectors, coils, distributors, caps, rotors, ignition wires and spark plugs. While most ACCEL components are designed for easy installation, our commitment to service and performance has led to the development of a network of EMlC's (Engine Management Installation Centers), in an effort to provide qualified installation and calibration services for the more complex ACCEL EFI Engine Management Systems.


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